How does a relational database work


When it comes to relational databases, I can’t help thinking that something is missing. They’re used everywhere. There are many different databases: from the small and useful SQLite to the powerful Teradata. But, there are only a few articles that explain how a database works. You can google by yourself “how does a relational database work” to see how few results there are. Moreover, those articles are short.  Now, if you look for the last trendy technologies (Big Data, NoSQL or JavaScript), you’ll find more in-depth articles explaining how they work. 继续阅读

HHKB 纯小白入坑指南


Yannis Xu Blog05-01 09:51


HHKB 号称是一个让你能爱上打字的键盘,每个键盘党必备的神器。根据网上推荐在 萌购 上下单,从日本直邮过来,费用总计: 1168 + 71(代购费) + 97(邮费)= 1336 ,买的是有刻的 HHKB Pro 2 版本,等待时间大概是一周左右。 继续阅读


sudo apt-get install girlfriend
正在读取软件包列表… 完成
正在分析软件包的依赖关系树… 完成

有一些软件包无法被安装。 下列的信息可能会对解决问题有所帮助:
下列的软件包有不能满足的依赖关系: girlfriend: 依赖: house但是它将不会被安装 girlfriend: 依赖: car但是它将不会被安装house,car: 依赖: money但是它将不会被安装

error: 无法安装的软件包。